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1985 Ph.D. (University of Western Australia)
1978 Master of Engineering (RF Digital Electronics)

Trevor holds his Eddy award







2001- Executive Consultant     (
Thousand Oaks, California

  • Secure 802.11b WLAN deployment

  • Advanced 802.11b antenna design using FDTD techniques

2001 The Tolly Group     (
Manasquan, New Jersey

' Director of Technology

The Tolly Group is a leading Consultancy and Testing Agency, a provider of Independent test reports and analysis on level 1, 2 and 3 networking products

  • Responsible to the CEO for strategic planning of a future business initiative (details under NDA)

1988-2000 YARC Systems Corporation     (
Camarillo, California

' Chief Technology Officer / Chief Executive Officer (CTO / CEO)

YARC pioneered Multi-Processor Computing technologies. YARC's OEM customers have included Roland DG (Japan), Linotype AG (Germany), Dai-Nippon Screen (Japan), DCA, and Honeywell Aerospace. YARC performed engineering development for Microsoft, Advanced Micro Devices, and AGFA Compugraphic.

  • Responsible for overall product vision, technical definition, preparation of the business plan and presentation to the investment community

  • Successfully built market cap to $50mm in Jan 2000

  • Negotiated and consummated mergers and acquisitions

  • Contracted with Advanced Micro Devices to supply final Design Verification and OEM supply of Reference Boards for RISC 29000, 29035 and 29050 CPUs

  • Contracted with Microsoft Inc to develop and OEM a Laser Printer Reference Interface for Microsoft's 'TrueImage' Postscript

  • Produced the YARC MacRageous coprocessor, a Multi-Processing accelerator for Pixar's Renderman 3D Graphics software. The MacRageous won the Eddy award as the "Best Accelerator" for 1993

  • Erected the website in 1993, one of the first on the Internet.

  • Implemented (using Perl) a full E-Commerce server,, in 1996

  • The YARC-XP, released in 1997, was the first Internet-enabled Print Server

  • Developed a Multiprocessing Operating System for Windows NT, Linux and MacOS

  • Designed the PROTRAN multiprocessing Coprocessors in partnership with Inmos and Twente University

  • Attracted skilled development staff by maintaining close ties with Universities. Retained staff by nurturing mutual respect between management and the development teams

  • Participated in engineering design reviews, personally undertook key development tasks


Definicon Systems Inc
Newbury Park, California

' Chief Technical Officer, Chief Operating Officer (CTO / COO)

Definicon produced Computing Coprocessor systems, which accelerated early personal computers so that they could efficiently perform scientific calculations.

  • As Director, instrumental in merger of Definicon into Helionetics Inc

  • As CTO/COO, responsibilities included selection and hiring of staff, technical definition, and management up to market release.

  • Designed the DSI-32 Coprocessor system, in partnership with National Semiconductor. Contracted final Design Verification for NS32032 CPU

  • Designed the DSI-020 Coprocessor in partnership with Motorola

  • Nurtured the Siemens AG account in the German subsidiary, Definicon GmbH.


Cambrian Consultants Inc, Cambrian Systems Inc
Westlake Village, California

' Project Engineer, Consultant

Cambrian Systems produced Hard Disk media certification equipment, including the 'Super Spin Stand', used for certification of high density magnetic media.

  • Designed several high-speed read amplifier assemblies, using Broadband RF techniques to achieve a phase-linear DC to 1 GHz bandwidth

  • Implemented the DSP design for the Microprocessor based Digital Servo used by Newbury Data, manufacturer of the first 3.5 inch hard disk drives


Curtin University     (
Perth, Western Australia

' Lecturer

Responsible for planning and teaching the under-graduate course units "Electronic Design" and "Electronic Production."   Also assisted with the supervision of under-graduate research projects.

WAIT-Aid Ltd

' Consultant

WAIT-Aid is the consulting arm of the University. Consulted, on behalf of the University, on several mining and industrial projects, including a Digital-RF Non Directional Beacon and a Synthesized Baseband Communications Receiver

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